The Black Dwarf, Old Mortality by Walter Scott

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Вальтер Скотт

Walter Scott is a classic of world literature, the founder of the historical novel in England. The book includes two historical novel series "Tales of My Landlord" describing recent, for the author, the story of his beloved Scotland - "The Black Dwarf" and "Old Mortality".
In the "The Black Dwarf " describes the events of the Jacobite rebellion of 1707. One of the main characters of this novel sinister dwarf, Elshie saves the beauty and gives it happily married.
In "Old Mortality" the author tells about the famous uprising of 1679 in Scotland. In his novel Walter Scott describes the real heroes of those events, and gives a vivid description of the life of the people of the time, but don't forget about the romantic component.





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