Peveril of the Peak by Walter Scott

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Вальтер Скотт

Walter Scott is the author of very popular historical novels, the founder of the genre "historical novel" in England.
The main characters of the novel "Peveril of the Peak" – Julian, the son of Geoffrey Peveril, and Alice, daughter of Ralph Bridgenorth. They are brought up as brother and sister under the roof of an old castle; however, the enmity of fathers separate long children. A few years later political developments by accident bring young people together. Now they are bound by friendship and love; but the religious and political strife that have defined the relationship and the fates of their families become a new cause of separation. In the end Julian and Alice find each other, and the light on the tower of Peveril announces about their marriage. Prior to that, however, Julian gets to the Tower, where abandoned and sir Peveril: they are accused of belonging to a Papist conspiracy. Meanwhile Alice almost became a victim of political and personal intrigues of Edward Christian. She is saved by Fenella, who was herself an instrument in his hands, but was completely freed from his power, motivated by love for the young Peveril.



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