Robert Louis Stevenson. The Letters

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Роберт Луис Стивенсон

The writer's correspondence is so varied and extensive that more than a decade, it took the heirs of Stevenson, to analyze and to systematize it. But because the publication of this correspondence lasted for years. Here are letters to relatives and friends ,as well as correspondence with the publisher on new books.
Vailima Letters — letters of R. L. Stevenson, which he wrote from his estate in Samoa Vailima for his friend Sidney Colvin, the Keeper of Fund of the British Museum in London. The original letters were not intended for printing, but then Stevenson came to mind that they add up to "sort of books." After the death of Robert Louis Stevenson Colvin has fulfilled his will and published the letters in a book.

Table of Contents:

    1. Student Days at Edinburgh, Travels and Excursions, 1868-1873
    2. Student Days — Ordered South, September 1873-July 1875
    3. Advocate and Author, Edinburgh — Paris — Fontainebleau, July 1875-July 1879
    4. The Amateur Emigrant, Monterey and San Francisco, July 1879-July 1880
    5. Alpine Winters and Highland Summers, August 1880- October 1882
    6. Marseilles and Hyeres, October 1882-August 1884
    7. Life at Bournemouth, September 1884-December 1885
    8. Life at Bournemouth, Continued, January 1886-July 1887
    9. The United States Again: Winter in the Adirondacks, August 1887-October 1888
    10. Pacific Voyages, June 1888-November 1890
    11. Life in Samoa, November 1890-December 1892
    12. Life in Samoa, Continued, January 1893-December 1894



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