Prince Otto, The Ebb-Tide by Robert Louis Stevenson

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The book includes the novel "Prince Otto" and "The Ebb-Tide".

The protagonist of the novel "Prince Otto", ruler of a small German Principality of Grunewald, a sensitive person, but flabby, one day decides to play Haroun-Al-Raschid to see how the lives of his people. The truth about the state of Affairs in the Principality is even worse than he could have imagined...

The novel "The Ebb-Tide" is a story of the South seas and the Pacific Islands. Fate throws in Tahiti a few people of those who are called "white trash". Different in nature and origin, they share one thing — they are down and out people for the society. But Fate gives them another chance to return to normal life.

Table of Contents:

    To Nelly Van De Grift
    Book I — Prince Errant
       1. In which the Prince Departs on an Adventure
       2. In which the Prince Plays Haroun-Al-Raschid
       3. In which the Prince Comforts Age and Beauty and Delivers a Lecture on Discretion in Love
       4. In which the Prince Collects Opinions by the Way
    Book II — Of Love and Politics
       1. What Happened in the Library
       2. ‘On the Court of Grunewald,’ Being a Portion of the Traveller’s Manuscript
       3. The Prince and the English Traveller
       4. While the Prince is in the Ante-Room...
       5. ...Gondremark is in My Lady’s Chamber
       6. The Prince Delivers a Lecture on Marriage, with Practical Illustrations of Divorce
       7. The Prince Dissolves the Council
       8. The Party of War Takes Action
       9. The Price of the River Farm; in which Vainglory Goes Before a Fall
       10. Gotthold’s Revised Opinion; and the Fall Completed
       11. Providence Von Rosen: Act the First She Beguiles the Baron
       12. Providence Von Rosen: Act the Second She Informs the Prince
       13. Providence Von Rosen: Act the Third She Enlightens Seraphina
       14. Relates the Cause and Outbreak of the Revolution
    Book III — Fortunate Misfortune
       1. Princess Cinderella
       2. Treats of a Christian Virtue
       3. Providence Von Rosen: Act the Last In which she Gallops off
       4. Babes in the Wood
    Bibliographical Postscript to Complete the Story

    Part I. A Trio and Quartette
       1. Night on the Beach
       2. Morning on the Beach — The Three Letters
       3. The Old Calaboose — Destiny at the Door
       4. The Yellow Flag
       5. The Cargo of Champagne
       6. The Partners
    Part II. The Quartette
       7. The Pearl-Fisher
       8. Better Acquaintance
       9. The Dinner Party
       10. The Open Door
       11. David and Goliath
       12. Tail-Piece


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