The Master of Ballantrae, The Wrecker by Robert Louis Stevenson

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The book presents the novel "The Master of Ballantrae" and "The Wrecker".
In the novel "The Master of Ballantrae" tells the story of a brutal internecine conflict that killed Lord Henry Durrisdeer and his older brother James, also known as the master of Ballantrae. The story of their destruction is described a loyal servant of the kind — old Ephraim Mackellar. The novel tells the story of how easy it is to lose honor and how difficult it is to preserve what you hold dear, when the stakes are money and power...
The novel "The Wrecker" is the life story of Loudon Dodd, the first sculptor of the loser, then the energetic entrepreneur, a man who knows how to maintain a good relationship. Once Dodd and his companion for Pinkerton a lot of money to acquire the stranded brig, suggesting that it hid the opium. But it turns out that with the collapse of the ship are the events more mysterious than the usual contraband…

Table of Contents:

    1. Summary of Events During this Master’s Wanderings.
    2. Summary of Events (continued)
    3. The Master’s Wanderings.
    4. Persecutions Endured by Mr. Henry.
    5. Account of All that Passed on the Night on February 27th, 1757.
    6. Summary of Events During the Master’s Second Absence.
    7. Adventure of Chevalier Burke in India.
    8. The Enemy in the House.
    9. Mr. Mackellar’s Journey with the Master.
    10. Passages at New York.
    11. The Journey in the Wilderness.
    12. The Journey in the Wilderness (continued).

    Prologue. In the Marquesas.
    The Yarn.
       1. A Sound Commercial Education.
       2. Roussillon Wine.
       3. To Introduce Mr. Pinkerton.
       4. In which I Experience Extremes of Fortune.
       5. In which I Am Down on My Luck in Paris.
       6. In which I Go West.
       7. Irons in the Fire.
       8. Faces on the City Front.
       9. The Wreck of the “Flying Scud.”
       10. In which the Crew Vanish.
       11. In which Jim and I Take Different Ways.
       12. The “Norah Creina.”
       13. The Island and the Wreck.
       14. The Cabin of the “Flying Scud.”
       15. The Cargo of the “Flying Scud.”
       16. In which I Turn Smuggler, and the Captain Casuist
       17. Light from the Man of War.
       18. Cross-Questions and Crooked Answers.
       19. Travels with a Shyster.
       20. Stallbridge-Le-Carthew.
       21. Face to Face.
       22. The Remittance Man.
       23. The Budget of the “Currency Lass.”
       24. A Hard Bargain.
       25. A Bad Bargain.
    Epilogue. To Will H. Low.


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