The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman, Bealby: A Holiday by Herbert Wells

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Герберт Уэллс

This book includes novels "The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman" and "Bealby".
When a woman marries an unloved man, she begins to tire of his position, despite the wealth in the house and young children. She doesn't know what she needed – the right to vote for women or the freedom to read books of their choice. Just next to the unloved man she never. Mental throwing lady Harman, struggling to find their place in this world. And paradoxical idea of the author of Victorian England: and perhaps the woman is generally better to be free and not to marry?
Although parents have already decided everything for him, the young Bealby, the protagonist of the novel "Bealby", sure: he doesn't want to be a servant in a rich manor Shonts. Maybe it would be better for the estate?

Table of Contents:
  CHAPTER THE FIRST. Introduces Lady Harman
  CHAPTER THE SECOND. The Personality of Sir Isaac
  CHAPTER THE THIRD. Lady Harman at Home
  CHAPTER THE FOURTH. The Beginnings of Lady Harman
  CHAPTER THE FIFTH. The World according to Sir Isaac
  CHAPTER THE SIXTH. The Adventurous Afternoon
  CHAPTER THE SEVENTH. Lady Harman learns about Herself
  CHAPTER THE EIGHTH. Sir Isaac as Petruchio
  CHAPTER THE NINTH. MR. Brumley is troubled by difficult ideas
  CHAPTER THE TENTH. Lady Harman comes out
  CHAPTER THE TWELFTH. Love and a Serious Lady

  Chapter I. Young Bealby Goes To Shonts
  Chapter II. A Week-End At Shonts
  Chapter III. The Wanderers
  Chapter IV. The Unobtrusive Parting
  Chapter V. The Seeking Of Bealby
  Chapter VI. Bealby And The Tramp
  Chapter VII. The Battle Of Crayminster
  Chapter VIII. How Bealby Explained

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