Tono Bungay, The Wheels of Chance by Herbert Wells

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The book includes novels "Tono Bungay" and “The Wheels of Chance”.

The novel "Tono Bungay" tells the story of George Pondella, the student-scientist who is helping with the promotion of "Tono Bungay" is a harmful stimulant disguised as a wonderful cure for all diseases created by his ambitious uncle Edward. On the basis of "Tono Bungay" were founded and patented drug. When the sale of new drugs is growing, George gains experience and his social status is increasing rapidly, rising to riches and opportunities that he never thought, and which he really needed ...

Mr Hoopdriver, the protagonist of the novel “The Wheels of Chance” is a salesman at the Palace of tissues in Putney. His life is no different variety. His only passion is the bike on which he learned to ride. One day, his friends advised him to travel by Bicycle in southern England. Mr Hoopdriver leaves the next morning. It was during this trip the most interesting case occurs in the life of Mr. Hoopdriver that will forever leave in his mind the Young Lady in Grey.

Table of Contents:
  Book the First
     The Days Before Tono-Bungay Was Invented
     Of Bladesover House, and My Mother; and the Constitution of Society
     Of My Launch Into the World and the Last I Saw of Bladesover
     The Wimblehurst Apprenticeship
  Book the Second
     The Rise of Tono-Bungay
     How I Became a London Student and Went Astray
     The Dawn Comes, and My Uncle Appears in a New Silk Hat
     How We Made Tono-Bungay Hum
  Book the Third
     The Great Days of Tono-Bungay
     The Hardingham Hotel, and How We Became Big People
     Our Progress From Camden Town to Crest Hill
     How I Stole the Heaps of Quap From Mordet Island
  Book the Fourth
     The Aftermath of Tono-Bungay
     The Stick of the Rocket
     Love Among the Wreckage
     Night and the Open Sea

  The Principal Character in the Story
  The Riding Forth of Mr. Hoopdriver
  The Shameful Episode of the Young Lady in Grey
  On the Road to Ripley
  How Mr. Hoopdriver Was Haunted
  The Imaginings of Mr. Hoopdriver’s Heart
  The Dreams of Mr. Hoopdriver
  How Mr. Hoopdriver Went to Haslemere
  How Mr. Hoopdriver Reached Midhurst
  An Interlude
  Of the Artificial in Man, and of the Zeitgeist
  The Encounter at Midhurst
  The Pursuit
  At Bognor
  The Moonlight Ride
  The Surbiton Interlude
  The Awakening of Mr. Hoopdriver
  The Departure From Chichester
  The Unexpected Anecdote of the Lion
  The Rescue Expedition
  Mr. Hoopdriver, Knight Errant
  The Abasement of Mr. Hoopdriver
  In the New Forest
  At the Rufus Stone
  The Envoy

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