Kipps, In the Days of the Comet by Herbert Wells

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Герберт Уэллс

The book includes novels "Kipps" and "In the Days of the Comet".

In the novel "Kipps" traced the life of a simple guy Arthur Kipps, a native of the so-called "lower strata of the middle class," beginning with his childhood and his studies in a private school, the story gained sudden wealth, impoverishment, and new takeoff. All these vicissitudes Kipps open his eyes to the falseness and hypocrisy of the secured within high society and help to learn to appreciate true friendship.

The protagonist of the novel, "In the Days of the Comet" Leadford loses his job and his girlfriend Nettie Stewart, who prefers him young aristocrat Edward Verrall. Angry Leadford decides to kill them both and then commit suicide. The background to these events of the personal life of the main character are periodic newspaper reports of near-Earth comet, which neither the main character nor the majority of the people around him, do not attach much importance. Even began between Britain and Germany the war could not distract the protagonist from the goal. He chases the lovers, and finally catches up with them in Essex, on the sea coast. At the climax, when Leadford shoots them, the Earth is immersed in the comet's tail, and he falls unconscious...

Table of Contents:
     The little Shop at New Romney
     The Emporium
     The Woodcarving Class
     The Unexpected
     The New Conditions
     The Walshinghams
     The Bicycle Manufacturer
     The Pupil Lover
     Kipps enters Society
     The Labyrinthodon
     The Housing Problem
     The Callers

  Prologue. The Man Who Wrote in the Tower
  Book the First. The Comet
     Dust in the Shadows
     The Revolver
     The Pursuit of the Two Lovers
  Book the Second. The Green Vapors
     The Change
     The Awakening
     The Cabinet Council
  Book the Third. The New World
     Love After the Change
     My Mother’s Last Days
     Beltane and New Year’s Eve
  The Epilogue. The Window of the Tower

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