The Poetical Works of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Эдуард Бульвер-Литтон

In this collection of the Author's Poems will be found some not before printed, and some entirely re-written from the more imperfect productions of earlier years. Few, if any, that have previously appeared, have escaped revision and alteration.

Table of Contents:

The New Timon
Constance; or, the Portrait
The Fairy Bride
The Beacon
The Lay of the Minstrel's Heart
Narrative Lyrics; or, The Parcae. In Six Leaves From The Sybil's Book
   Napoleon at Isola Bella
   Andre Chenier
   Mary Stuart and her Mourner
   The Last Days of Queen Elizabeth [= Ode I; The Last Days of Elizabeth] (1839)
   Cromwell's Dream
King Arthur
Corn-Flowers, Book I
   The First Violets
   The Image on the Tide
   Is it all Vanity?
   The True Joy-Giver
   Belief: the Unknown Language
   The Pilgrim of the Desert
   The King and the Wraith
   Love and Death
   The Poet to the Dead
   Mind and Soul
   The Guardian Angel
   The Love of Maturer Years
   The Everlasting Grave-Digger
   The Dispute of the Poets
   The Angel and the Child
   To a Withered Tree in June
   On The Reperusal of Letters Written in Youth
   The Desire of Fame
   The Loyalty of Love
   A Lament
   Lost And Avenged
   The Treasures by the Wayside
   Address to the Soul in Despondency
Corn-Flowers, Book II
   The Sabbath
   The Hollow Oak
   Love and Fame
   Love at first Sight
   Love's Sudden Growth
   The Love-Letter
   The Language of the Eyes
   The Assurance
   Memories, the Food of Love
   Absent, Yet Present
   Lovers' Quarrels—An Old Maxim Refuted
   The last Separation
   The Pope and the Beggar
   The Beautiful Descends Not
   The Long Life and the Full Life
   The Mind and The Heart
   The last Crusader
   On Forebodings
   Orama; or the Soul and its Future
Earlier Poems
   The Souls of Books
   La Rochefoucauld and Condorcet
   Jealousy [= Jealousy and Art]
   The Master to the Scholar
   The True Critic
   Talent and Genius
   The Bones of Raphael
   The Athenian and the Spartan: a Dialogue
   The Misanthrope and the Philanthropist: a Dialogue
   The Ideal World


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