A Man of Devon, A Commentary, A Motley by John Galsworthy

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Джон Голсуорси

The book includes a collection of stories "A Man of Devon", a collection of essays "A Commentary" and a collection of short stories "A Motley".
In the story "A Man of Devon" is a story about seventy-year-old John Ford, all of which is a small farm in Devonshire. John still strong man, who lived a long time in New Zealand, returned home after the death of his son and wife, along with plan full frame, granddaughter, and sole remaining native soul...
"Salvation of a Forsyte" – the three weeks in September in Salzburg, during his first trip to Europe, so much stored in memory, that they remembered cuisine Forsyte, are on the verge of death...
"The Silence" – Scorrier, on the instructions of New Colliery Company, is directed to prepare a report on the status of the newly acquired mines, where the Manager appointed his classmate and friend "King" Pippin...
In proceedings of "A Commentary" and "A Motley" Galsworthy raises the question about those who were outside the closed circle of Pendyses and Forsytes about "other nation"...

Table of Contents:
   A Man of Devon
   A Knight
   Salvation of a Forsyte
   The Silence
   A commentary
   The Lost Dog
   Old Age
   The Careful Man
   The House of Silence
   The Mother
   A Child
   A Portrait
   A Fisher of Men
   The Prisoner
   The Meeting
   The Pack
   Joy of Life
   Bel Colore
   A Pilgrimage
   The Kings
   The Workers
   A Miller of Dee
   A Parting
   A Beast of Burden
   A Lime Tree
   The Neighbours
   The Runagates
   A Reversion to Type
   A Woman
   The «Codger»
   For Ever
   The Consummation
   The Choice
   The Japanese Quince
   Once More

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