The Freelands, Beyond by John Galsworthy

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Джон Голсуорси

The book includes novels "The Freelands" and "Beyond".
"The Freelands" is one of the most cruel, ironic and strong the great novels of Galsworthy. A book about great love and terrible scandal that shook all of Victorian England. Dying wife of a wealthy landowner — and her place in the house and the bed of the owner immediately takes her younger sister. Mistress educates children of an aristocrat and lives with him 'in sin' by refusing to legally marry! The scandal rolled around a secular society — and the catastrophe seems inevitable and imminent.
Along with the heroes of the novel "Beyond" Galsworthy goes into the sphere unencumbered feelings. Love is portrayed as an overwhelming power before which man is powerless.

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