The Patrician, The Dark Flower by John Galsworthy

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The book includes novels "The Patrician" and "The Dark Flower".
"The Patrician" — the great classic novel by John Galsworthy, in which he returns to his favourite themes — the tragic, obviously doomed to catastrophe love and the hypocrisy of the Pharisees of the highest light in England. Love is the passion which changed the entire life of an elderly aristocrat. However, the light perceives every manifestation of passion as shameful weakness. A shame universal condemnation, ostracism — that is enamoured, dared to resist the cold morality of high society. How to avoid the impending tragedy?..
In the novel "The Dark Flower" Galsworthy with amazing accuracy recreated his affair with Margaret Morris. The hero of the novel is Mark Lennan, and three stories of his love are called "Spring", "Summer" and "Autumn". In early adolescence, "spring", he falls in love with the wife of his teacher; in "summer" time of his life, he loves a married woman. In the last part of the novel, "Autumn", for many years being happily married to Sylvia – the woman he loved before, the hero is fond of young girl named Nell. According to miss Morris, she read this book many years later, when put in order a correspondence with Galsworthy for my own book. Here's what she writes: "When I read "Autumn", I was amazed by the precision with which he literally quoted whole chunks of conversation that happened between us."

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