Moon Face, Before Adam, Love of Life, The Road by Jack London

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In "Moon Face" Jack London put on public display of human greed, hatred, ambition and other feelings that do not make the man of honor.
In the book "Before Adam" is a story of a man who since childhood, every day, in a dream sees himself as a prehistoric man and is going through many dangerous adventures.
"Love of Life" features one of his most famous and most beloved stories about the hardships endured by adventurers in the Yukon territory during the Gold Rush era.
Jack London credited his skill of story-telling to the days he spent as a hobo learning to fabricate tales to get meals from sympathetic strangers. In "The Road", he relates the tales and memories of his days on the hobo road, including how the hobos would elude train crews and his travels with Kelly’s Army.

Table of Contents:

   Moon Face
   The Leopard Man's Story
   Local Color
   Amateur Night
   The Minions of Midas
   The Shadow and the Flash
   All Gold Canyon


   Love of Life
   A Day's Lodging
   The White Man's Way
   The Story of Keesh
   The Unexpected
   Brown Wolf
   The Sun-Dog Trail
   Negore, the Coward

   Holding Her Down
   The Pen
   Hoboes That Pass in the Night
   Road-Kids and Gay-Cats
   Two Thousand Stiffs

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