The Sea Wolf, White Fang by Jack London

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Джек Лондон

Novel "The Sea Wolf", tells about complicated human relationships, quite different in character people who find it difficult to understand each other and be reconciled because of different views on life. Imagine what would happen if the universe will gather those different people in one place? Where nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from each other. Unite their common cause? The characters change their attitude towards life, find a common language? Or each will suffer its fate? Will reward each according to merit and according to his faith. It is in the same situations revealed the true nature of the characters: all the virtues and vices manifest themselves, when the heat reaches the limit.
In such difficult situations, the truth is born and builds character. Throughout this difficult situation to understand for the reader.
White Fang was born in Alaska and at first was a wild wolf. His fate has changed many times — he was a sled dog, was the dog and Boytsov. But one day he met his Man. The man saved his life. At the time, the wolf will repay the favor.



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