The People of the Abyss, The Faith of Men, The Game, Tales of the Fish Patrol by Jack London

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Джек Лондон

The People of the Abyss - A profound and moving piece of investigative journalism, Jack London’s study of the London underworld remains, a century after it was written, a timely tale of poverty and injustice. In 1902, Jack London purchased some second-hand clothes, rented a room in the East End, and set out to discover how the London poor lived. His research makes shocking reading. Moving through the slums as one of the poor; eating, drinking and socialising with the underclass; queuing to get into a doss-house, London was scandalised and brutalised by the experience of living rough in Britain’s capital. His clear-eyed reflections on the iniquities of class are a shaming testament to the persistence of social inequality in modern Britain.
The Faith of Men - The fourth collection of short stories by Jack London the adventures in the Wild North.
The Game - Joe Fleming, a youth of twenty, earning his livelihood as a sailmaker and supporting his mother and sisters by his trade, augments his income by prize-fighting before so-called sporting clubs. On the eve of his marriage to Genevieve, an employe' in the Silversteins' candy shop, Joe is to fight his last bout before a club, having promised Genevieve to give up "the game," which, while it seems wrong to her, is to him a clean and manly as well as lucrative occupation. It is Joe's desire that Genevieve shall witness the fight, and the girl has reluctantly agreed to do so.
Tales of the Fish Patrol - In the vast San Francisco Bay is inhabited by many different, including fishing, fish catching fleets of fishermen. To prevent violation of numerous rules of fishing and fighting poacheres was created by a fisherman's patrol, who had their paragonia and victory...

Table of Contents:
The People of the Abyss
The Faith of Men
   A Relic of the Pliocene
   A Hyperborean Brew
   The Faith of Men
   Too Much Gold
   The One Thousand Dozen
   The Marriage of Lit-Lit
   The Story of Jees Uck
The Game
Tales of the Fish Patrol
   White and Yellow
   The King of the Greeks
   A Raid on the Oyster Pirates
   The Seige of the `Lancashire Queen'
   Charley's Coup
   Demetrios Contos
   Yellow Handkerchief

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Audiobook. The People of the Abyss by Jack London


Audiobook. The Faith of Men by Jack London


Audiobook. The Game by Jack London


Audiobook. Tales of the Fish Patrol by Jack London


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