Jerry of the Islands, Michael, Brother of Jerry, The Red One by Jack London

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In to novels included "Jerry of the Islands", "Michael, Brother of Jerry" and the storybook "The Red One".
Roman "Jerry of the Islands" is a wonderful story about the adventures of an Irish Terrier Jerry. Having lost his master, Jerry was on the island, inhabited by some savages. Natural intelligence, resourcefulness and courage helped him to avoid many dangers and even to find a friend in an enemy tribe of savages.
In the novel "Michael, Brother of Jerry" tells that friendship with the man helped the Irish Terrier Michael to survive in the marine campaign, and extraordinary intelligence made it a desirable prey for hunters for sensations. With great difficulty, managed to Michael to survive among violent people, before he met his loving owners and his brother Jerry.
All the stories of the collection "The Red One", but the story of "Like Argus of the Ancient Times", inspired by the writer's impressions of Hawaii and travelling to the South seas and written in 1916. Writer tells about the life, the life and customs of the indigenous inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands, romantic love stories, about family life. These stories do not lay claim to picture reality. Written simply and movingly, they are easy to read and indicate that London until the last days of his life, despite serious illness, he maintained fortitude and enviable performance.



Table of contents:

   The Red One
   The Hussy
   Like Argus of the Ancient Times
   The Princess

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