The Little Lady of the Big House, The Turtles of Tasman, Dutch Courage by Jack London

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In to included the novel "The Little Lady of the Big House", collections of stories "The Turtles of Tasman" and "Dutch courage".
The basis of the novel "The Little Lady of the Big House" is a sentimental love story Paola to her husband dick Forrest and his friend Evan Graham. Many pages of the novel devoted to the Hobbies of dick animal husbandry, the charms of rural life in a rich mansion. D. London claimed that three of his heroes are not "constantly whining weak-willed fellows and moralists. All of them - cultural, modern and at the same time deeply primitive people".
The book "The Turtles of Tasman" is the latest book by Jack London published during his lifetime. The collection consists of stories published in magazines at various times: "Finis" in 1907, "Told in the Drooling Ward" - in 1914, the rest in 1911.
Noteworthy small dramatized the story of "The First Poet". His fate similar to the fate of another character Etc London - Martin Eden. The writer clearly draws a parallel between the fate of the Creator in the society of bourgeois "freedoms" and in the world primitive people. And here and there the end of one tragic death.
A collection of "Dutch courage" compiled by Charmian London from different writer's short-stories published in American periodicals in 1893-1904, and not included by the writer in the book. Issued by the London publishers "Mills & Boon" in 1923.
In the first American edition of the collection "Dutch courage" was printed in the Preface of Charmian London, which is: "I do not write lines that would be ashamed to read my daughters".

Table of contents:


By the Turtles of Tasman!
The Eternity of Forms
Told in the Drooling Ward
The Hobo and the Fairy
The Prodigal Father
The First Poet
Morganson's Finish
The End of the Story

Dutch Courage
Story of a Typhoon off the Coast of Japan
The Lost Poacher
The Banks of the Sacramento
Chris Farrington: Able Seaman
To Repel Boarders
An Adventure in the Upper Sea
Bald Face
In Yeddo Bay
Whose Business Is To Live

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