Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Автор: andrey4444. Опубликовано в Джейн Остин

"Northanger Abbey" — the first Jane Austen’s novel had prepared for publication. According to older sister of the writer, the novel was written in 1798-1799. After adjustment by the author in 1803, the novel was sold to the booksellers for an entirely paltry sum. However, the company did not know about the authorship of Austin, decided not to print it. So the affair came to light only in 1817.

"Northanger Abbey" is the story of Catherine Morland, caught in the middle of the intrigue. Catherine is a romantic young creature of seventeen. She, along with the rich neighbors, visiting the Bath. Well, of course she's bored in this city. But boredom will instantly disappear as soon as she is introduced to the mysterious Henry Tilney, and then with his family. At the same time, the environment appears Isabella Thorpe, a smart girl who dream to marry James, the brother of Catherine. The main character is at the center of intrigue.

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