Charles Dickens. The Uncommercial Traveller and other

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The Uncommercial Traveller is a collection of literary sketches and reminiscences written by Charles Dickens. In 1859 Dickens founded a new journal called All the Year Round and the Uncommercial Traveller articles would be among his main contributions. He seems to have chosen the title and persona of the Uncommercial Traveller as a result of a speech he gave on 22 December 1859 to the Commercial Travellers' School London in his role as honorary chairman and treasurer. The persona sits well with a writer who liked to travel, not only as a tourist, but also to research and report what he found; visiting Europe, America and giving book readings throughout Britain. He does not seem content to rest late in his career when he had attained wealth and comfort and continued travelling locally, walking the streets of London in the mould of the flaneur, a 'gentleman stroller of city streets'. He often suffered from insomnia and his night-time wanderings gave him an insight into some of the hidden aspects of Victorian London, details of which he also incorporated into his novels.

Somebody's Luggage is a rediscovered gem from Dickens's later life. Stumbling upon some luggage that has been left behind in the hotel where he works, a waiter searches through it to identify its owner. He fails to discover this, but he does find, secreted away in different parts of the luggage, quite a number of stories. Impressed by their quality, he succeeds in getting them published, although the identity of their author remains a mystery until a visitor comes calling. Written with Dickens's characteristic wit and descriptive skill—and boasting contributions by eminent Victorian writers Wilkie Collins, Adelaide Anne Procter, and Elizabeth Gaskell—Somebody's Luggage is a wonderful composite of tales.

Mrs Lirriper's Lodgings - from the 1894 Chapman and Hall "Christmas Stories".

Mrs Lirriper's Legacy - published in the Christmas issue of the magazine "All the Year Round" 1864.

A Holiday Romance - the story for children, 1868.

George Silverman's Explanation - the story, 1868.


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