The Edge of the Unknown, Round the Fire Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle

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The book includes the essay collection "The Edge of the Unknown" and a collection of short stories "Round the Fire Stories”.

In the book "The Edge of the Unknown” Conan Doyle talking about spiritualism, and, in General, is that enough after the first glance to put the book away. But this story is quite interesting and worth to read it, regardless of the views of the reader on the fact of spiritualism.

First, here are the Conan Doyle proves nothing and does not convince the reader to believe with him — this was dedicated to previous books.

Secondly, it's not pseudo-scientific article, but rather a collection of essays about various supernatural phenomena, from ghosts, prophetic dreams, and flying coffins to living in the garden of the elves.

Thirdly, there is a genuine and pretty interesting facts about the great magician Harry Houdini, or, for example, on the posthumous works of the great people of London, Dickens, Oscar Wilde, etc., which early last century was actively discussed in the press.

Fourth, the devoted fans of Arthur Conan Doyle that will help you better understand his biography, especially the tangled story of his altercation with Houdini.

Fifth, remarkable talent of the narrator of sir Arthur Conan Doyle has not disappeared, and he sets out these eerie stories lively and entertaining. You can not believe just read the way many fright, which was listening to the childhood stories about the Black Hand, a Hungry Baby and a White Blanket. Cosy horrified if perhaps this definition.

Round the Fire Stories is a splendid anthology of suspense and adventure tales, this work is bound to thrill the readers. Revolving around the themes of murder, insanity, mystery, unsolved crimes and ghosts, the work depicts Doyles interest in the super-natural. His brilliance is evident from his portrayal of the situations and circumstances. Spine-chilling!...

Table of Contents:

    1. The Riddle of Houdini
    2. The Shadows on the Screen
    3. Notes from a Strange Mail Bag
    4. The Ghost of the Moat
    5. The Law of the Ghost
    6. Alleged Posthumous Writings of Known Authors
    7. Some Curious Personal Experiences
    8. Dwellers on the Border
    9. A Strange Prophet
    10. A London Ghost
    11. The Half-Way House of Matter
    12. A Remarkable Man
    13. The Rift in the Veil
    14. A New Light on Old Crimes
    15. Singular Records of a Circle

    1. The Leather Funnel
    2. The Beetle Hunter
    3. The Man with the Watches
    4. The Pot of Caviare
    5. The Japanned Box
    6. The Black Doctor
    7. Playing with Fire
    8. The Jew's Breastplate
    9. The Lost Special
    10. The Club-Footed Grocer
    11. The Sealed Room
    12. The Brazilian Cat
    13. The Usher of Lea House School
    14. The Brown Hand
    15. The Fiend of the Cooperage
    16. Jelland's Voyage
    17. B. 24


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