Through the Magic Door and Mystery tales by Arthur Conan Doyle

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The book "Through the Magic Door and Mystery tales" includes the essay collection "Through the Magic Door" and two collections of short stories – "The Great Keinplatz Experiment and other tales" and "Tales of Terror and Mystery".
"Through the Magic Door" — not fiction, not journalism, not just literary criticism. If it came down to discussing the merits of Smollet or Richardson, this essay shouldn't read. But there is more. We are privileged to hear a talented writer recognized a great, genuine feeling. We are given happiness is a feeling to share. What with the fact that between us is many years and miles, the difference of cultures, political beliefs? Is it important that literary tastes have changed irreversibly? Anyway — each of us, readers, can still open my magic door and find ourselves in a world where nothing is natural love for books.
In the Mystery stories a reader faces the mystical world presented, however, is so vividly real that the sensation described amazing events happen in reality.

Table of Contents:


THE GREAT KEINPLATZ EXPERIMENT and other tales of twilight and the unseen
    1. The Brown Hand
    2. The Usher of Lea House School
    3. B. 24
    4. The Great Keinplatz Experiment
    5. Cyprian Overbeck Wells
    6. Playing with Fire
    7. The Ring of Thoth
    8. The Los Amigos Fiasco
    9. How it Happened
    10. Lot No. 249
    11. “De Profundis”
    12. The Lift

    1. The Horror of the Heights
    2. The Leather Funnel
    3. The New Catacomb
    4. The Case of Lady Sannox
    5. The Terror of Blue John Gap
    6. The Brazilian Cat
    7. The Lost Special
    8. The Beetle-Hunter
    9. The Man with the Watches
    10. The Japanned Box
    11. The Black Doctor
    12. The Jew’s Breastplate


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