The Refugees, The Stark Munro Letters, The Green Flag, and other stories of war and sport by Arthur Conan Doyle

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The book includes two novels: "The Refugees" and "The Stark Munro Letters" and a collection of short stories “The Green Flag, and other stories of war and sport”.

"The Refugees" — historical-adventure novel written by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1892. The novel is set in the time of king Louis XIV.

The first part of the "French-canadian" novel, full of amazing and dangerous adventures of captain Amory de Catinat and Amos Green starts in the Old World, in the French capital, where the main characters perform a secret order of Louis XIV, concerning his future marriage. By marrying his beloved, the king is forced to comply with the Bishop's promise to clean France from the Huguenot belong to captain de Catinat and his family. Amos Green is a comrade to flee from the Royal wrath in the New World... the adventures of the heroes in America are the second part of the novel.

The plot of the novel "The Stark Munro Letters" is presented in the form of letters the protagonist, a young man named Stark Munro, a graduate of the English medical school, his friend Herbert, Swanborough living in America. Stark is going to open his practice and find his own place in life.

“The Stark Munro Letters” is a novel is almost completely autobiographical, and the characters, with rare exceptions, have their real prototypes.

Cullingworth, being one of the main characters of the book, has a sharp, ambitious and impulsive character, in the end, this leads to the fact that their friendly relations with stark are not built. During the events described in the "The Stark Munro Letters", he lit up various ambitious ideas, including the creation of special armors for the Navy, however, these ideas rarely ever to end.

A significant place in the novel is given to the deliberation of the hero, which resonate with the worldview of Conan Doyle. Conan Doyle at the time of writing the book was a staunch materialist and, at least, an agnostic; the protagonist of the book a lot of thinking about religion and about how God understands Christian doctrine, showing the distrust of religious faith. Thus, the book is about the Stark Munro is not only the most autobiographical book of the writer, but also a book, which fully displayed his characteristic, at that time, the materialistic views.

Table of Contents:

   Part I: In The Old World
      1. The Man From America.
      2. A Monarch in Deshabille.
      3. The Holding of the Door.
      4. The Father of his People.
      5. Children of Belial.
      6. A House of Strife.
      7. The New World and the Old.
      8. The Rising Sun.
      9. Le Roi s’Amuse.
      10. An Eclipse at Versailles.
      11. The Sun Reappears.
      12. The King Receives.
      13. The King Has Ideas.
      14. The Last Card.
      15. The Midnight Mission.
      16. “When the Devil drives.”
      17. The Dungeon of Portillac.
      18. A Night of Surprises.
      19. In the King’s Cabinet.
      20. The Two Francoises.
      21. The Man in the Caleche.
      22. The Scaffold of Portillac.
      23. The Fall of the Catinats.
   Part II: In The New World
      24. The Start of the “Golden Rod.”
      25. A Boat of the Dead.
      26. The Last Port.
      27. A Dwindling Island.
      28. In the Pool of Quebec.
      29. The Voice at the Port-hole.
      30. The Inland Waters.
      31. The Hairless Man.
      32. The Lord of Sainte Marie.
      33. The Slaying of Brown Moose.
      34. The Men of Blood.
      35. The Tapping of Death.
      36. The Taking of the Stockade.
      37. The Coming of the Friar.
      38. The Dining Hall of Sainte Marie.
      39. The Two Swimmers.
      40. The End.

    1. HOME. 30th March, 1881.
    2. HOME, 10th April, 1881.
    3. HOME, 15th October, 1881.
    4. HOME, 1st December, 1881.
    5. MERTON ON THE MOORS, 5th March, 1882.
    6. THE PARADE, BRADFIELD, 7th March, 1882.
    7. THE PARADE, BRADFIELD, 9th March, 1882.
    8. THE PARADE, BRADFIELD, 6th April, 1882.
    9. THE PARADE, BRADFIELD, 23rd April, 1882.
    10. CADOGAN TERRACE, BIRCHESPOOL, 21st May, 1882.
    11. OAKLEY VILLAS, BIRCHESPOOL, 29th May, 1882.
    12. OAKLEY VILLAS, BIRCHESPOOL, 5th June, 1882.
    13. OAKLEY VILLAS, BIRCHESPOOL, 12th June, 1882.
    14. OAKLEY VILLAS, BIRCHESPOOL, 15th January, 1883.
    15. OAKLEY VILLAS, BIRCHESPOOL, 3rd August, 1883.
    16. OAKLEY VILLAS, BIRCHESPOOL, 4th November, 1884.

    1. The Green Flag
    2. Captain Sharkey.
    3. The Croxley Master
    4. The Lord of Chateau Noir
    5. The Striped Chest
    6. A Shadow Before
    7. The King of the Foxes
    8. The Three Correspondents
    9. The Debut of Bimbashi Joyce
    10. A Foreign Office Romance


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