Professor Challenger by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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The cycle of "Professor Challenger" includes five fantastic works of Arthur Conan Doyle – "The Lost World", "The Poison Belt", "The Land of Mist", "The Disintegration Machine" and "When the World Screamed". All of them, as the name implies, is linked by one main character – Professor Challenger.
Brilliant, but known for their eccentric British Professor Challenger in his novel "The Lost World" states that while traveling in South America discovered the area, which is still preserved prehistoric life forms, in other words, dinosaurs. English scientific community equips a special expedition, which will verify the correctness of the Professor. Getting to pick the Challenger area, travelers do find there ancient dinosaurs...
"The Poison Belt" — the continuing adventures of Professor Challenger and his friends. Gathering in his house his comrades in the expedition to the Lost World, Professor Challenger announces to them about his new discovery. In the near future, the Earth has to pass through a strip of poisoned air, is able, apparently, to destroy all life on it. He invited friends to take refuge in the house, seal it and try to survive the catastrophe...
In the novel "The Land of Mist" young journalists Edward Malone and Enid Challenger, daughter of the famous Professor, are preparing a series of reports on a variety of churches, registered in England. During the next trip they go to a meeting of spiritualists, people are supposedly able to communicate with the world beyond the grave. Despite skepticism towards spiritualism, Malone decides to look into their actions in more detail and gradually imbued them with ideas...
In the story "The Disintegration Machine" reporter Malone and Professor Challenger pay a visit to a certain inventor named Theodore Nemor, according to rumors, has created a device that can disintegrate anything, and even living organisms. Is it true? And if true, how should this machine to do?
In the story "When the World Screamed", Challenger puts forward the theory that the Earth is a living being, not suspecting that her people live (because we don't know what we are living microbes). He dreams of becoming the first person, the existence of which our planet finds out, and decides to get to her "flesh", located under the earth's crust.

Table of Contents:

    1. “There Are Heroisms All Round Us”
    2. “Try Your Luck with Professor Challenger”
    3. “He is a Perfectly Impossible Person”
    4. “It’s Just the very Biggest Thing in the World”
    5. “Question!”
    6. “I was the Flail of the Lord”
    7. “To-morrow we Disappear into the Unknown”
    8. “The Outlying Pickets of the New World”
    9. “Who could have Foreseen it?”
    10. “The most Wonderful Things have Happened”
    11. “For once I was the Hero”
    12. “It was Dreadful in the Forest”
    13. “A Sight which I shall Never Forget”
    14. “Those Were the Real Conquests”
    15. “Our Eyes have seen Great Wonders”
    16. “A Procession! A Procession!”

    1. The blurring of lines
    2. The tide of death
    3. Submerged
    4. A diary of the dying
    5. The dead world
    6. The great awakening

    1. In Which Our Special Commissioners Make A Start
    2. Which Describes an Evening in Strange Company
    3. In Which Professor Challenger Gives His Opinion
    4. Which Describes Some Strange Doings in Hammersmith
    5. Where Our Commissioners Have a Remarkable Experience
    6. In Which the Reader is Shown the Habits of a Notorious Criminal
    7. In Which the Notorious Criminal gets what the British Law Considers to be His Deserts.
    8. In Which Three Investigators Come Upon a Dark Soul
    9. Which Introduces Some Very Physical Phenomena
    10. De Profundis
    11. Where Silas Linden Comes Into His Own
    12. There are Heights and there are Depths
    13. In Which Professor Challenger Goes Forth to Battle
    14. In Which Challenger Meets a Strange Colleague
    15. In Which Traps are Laid for a Great Quarry
    16. In Which Challenger has the Experience of his Lifetime
    17. Where the Mists Clear Away



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