Brigadier Gerard by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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The book includes stories, dedicated to the Brigadier Gerard — “The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard”, “The adventures of Gerard”, and a collection of short stories “The Last Galley. Impressions and Tales”, which published the story “The Marriage of the Brigadier”.

A collection of short stories “The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard” tells the story of the glorious exploits of Etienne Gerard, who went through all the Napoleonic wars. Gerard's fighting with the British, the Spaniards, the Germans and the Russians, gets into all sorts of scrapes, not always winning, but always survives. Even in the most dangerous situations Gerard always keeps his presence of mind, subtle humor, gallantry towards the ladies and their loyalty to their Emperor.

In the book “The adventures of Gerard”, a famous Brigadier Gerard already an old man, sipping wine and telling friends amazing stories about his adventures in Venice and in Zaragoza, in London and in Minsk. And, of course, during the great battle of Waterloo.

Table of Contents:

    1. How the Brigadier came to the Castle of Gloom
    2. How the Brigadier slew the brothers of Ajaccio
    3. How the Brigadier held the King
    4. How the King held the Brigadier
    5. How the Brigadier took the field against the Marshal Millefleurs
    6. How the Brigadier played for a kingdom
    7. How the Brigadier won his Medal
    8. How the Brigadier was tempted by the Devil

    1. How Brigadier Gerard Lost His Ear
    2. How the Brigadier Captured Saragossa
    3. How the Brigadier Slew the Fox
    4. How the Brigadier Saved the Army
    5. How the Brigadier Triumphed in England
    6. How the Brigadier Rode to Minsk
    7. How the Brigadier Bore Himself at Waterloo
    8. The Last Adventure of the Brigadier

THE LAST GALLEY. Impressions and Tales
    Part 1
      The Last Galley
      The Contest.
      Through the Veil.
      An Iconoclast.
      Giant Maximin.
      The Coming of the Huns
      The Last of the Legions
      The First Cargo
      The Home-Coming
      The Red Star
    Part 2
      The Silver Mirror
      The Blighting of Sharkey
      The Marriage of the Brigadier
      The Lord of Falconbridge: A Legend of the Ring
      Out of the Running
      “De Profundis”
      The Great Brown-Pericord Motor
      The Terror of Blue John Gap


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