Rodney Stone, The Dealings of Captain Sharkey by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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The book includes one of the first "sports" novel "Rodney Stone" and the cycle of stories "The Dealings of Captain Sharkey".
"Rodney Stone" is a fascinating historical novel, which is set in the England of the early 19th century. One of the first works of world literature, devoted to the world of sports. A wonderful depiction of Boxing matches and horse races. A. Conan Doyle believed the novel "Rodney stone," one of his finest works.
The series "The Dealings of Captain Sharkey" - these are the stories of captain Sharkey — one of the most ferocious and cruel of pirates of the Caribbean.

Table of Contents:

    I. Friar’s Oak
    II. The Walker of Cliffe Royal
    III. The Play-actress of Anstey Cross
    IV. The Peace of Amiens
    V. Buck Tregellis
    VI. On the Threshold
    VII. The Hope of England
    VIII. The Brighton Road
    IX. Watier’s
    X. The Men of the Ring
    XI. The Fight in the Coach-house
    XII. The Coffee-room of Fladong’s
    XIII. Lord Nelson
    XIV. On the Road
    XV. Foul Play
    XVI. Crawley Downs
    XVII. The Ring-side
    XVIII. The Smith’s Last Battle
    XIX. Cliffe Royal
    XX. Lord Avon
    XXI. The Valet’s Story
    XXII. The End

    How the Governor of Saint Kitt’s Came Home
    The Dealings of Captain Sharkey with Stephen Craddock
    The Blighting of Sharkey
    How Copley Banks Slew Captain Sharkey


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